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  • Atlassian moves to the USA 🏠, Cloud security threats on the rise πŸ”, US cloud giants dominate Europe ☁️

Atlassian moves to the USA 🏠, Cloud security threats on the rise πŸ”, US cloud giants dominate Europe ☁️

Atlassian has moved its domiciliation from the UK to the USA. Data shows increasing cloud security threats, and US cloud players dominate Europe.

Atlassian Completes Redomiciliation to the United States 🏠

Atlassian Corporation, a team collaboration, and productivity software company, completed re-domiciliation from UK to the USA. The main reason behind the move is to increase access to more investors, improve financial reporting, and streamline corporate structure.

September 30, 2022, was the last trading day of Atlassian Corporation, and trading on Nasdaq commenced on October 3, 2022

A majority of organizations faced cloud security incidents in the last year

According to a study by Venafi, 81% of organizations have experienced cloud-related security, and 45% suffered at least four incidents in the last 12 months. 51% of the security decision-makers (SDMs) believe security risks are higher in the cloud than on-premises

Common cloud-related security incidents

  • Security incidents during runtime (34%)

  • Unauthorized access (33%)

  • Misconfigurations (32%)

  • Major vulnerabilities (24%)

  • A failed audit (19%)

The key operational and security concern

  • Hijacking of accounts, services or traffic (35%)

  • Malware or ransomware (31%)

  • Privacy/data access issues, such as those from GDPR (31%)

  • Unauthorized access (28%)

  • Nation state attacks (26%)

The most popular options on responsibility for security cloud-based applications could be

  • Cloud infrastructure operations and enterprise security teams (24%)

  • share responsibility across multiple teams (22%)

  • developers writing cloud applications (16%)

  • DevSecOps teams (14%)

The security team lacks visibility of developers’ fast innovations and is left out of cloud security decisions. There is a need to reset this approach. Architecting a control plane for machine identity is a perfect example of a new security model created specifically for cloud computing. It implants security into developer processes and protects businesses without slowing down engineers.

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Huawei reveals new cloud region; Indonesia

The first Huawei Cloud Indonesia Summit was held in Jakarta. Huawei Cloud announced a new Region with 3AZ DR architecture, and the certification from DRI would be launched in Indonesia this year. Will launch over 60 new cloud services offering premium e-commerce, online gaming, and insurance & finance facilities.

Digital Expertise

  • detikNetwork, Indonesia's largest media group, joined hands to provide premium live streaming for 200 million users nationwide.

  • Proposes a six-dimensional digital transformation framework with 70 metrics through integrating the digitalization expertise.

  • Built local nodes in Singapore, Hong Kong (China), Thailand, and Malaysia.

  • USD20 billion spent on IT R&D each year in the region.

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US giants dominate Euro cloud spending ☁️

According to Synergy Research Group, the European cloud market has grown 5 times from 2017 to €10.4 billion in revenues in Q2 of 2022. AWS, Microsoft, and Google own 72% of cloud spending in it.

Local service providers have seen a growth of 167% but their market share sunk from 27% to 13% compared to US rivals.

US titans are investing around $4 billion a quarter in capital expenditure into expansion efforts which makes it almost impossible to challenge their leadership.

Their dominance has forced regulators to take note and Ofcom will review the sector next week.

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