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  • 💡 Leaked GPT-4.5 Update: Potential Advancements and Higher Costs?

💡 Leaked GPT-4.5 Update: Potential Advancements and Higher Costs?

+ Chrome Blocks Trackers | MrBeast's ViewStats | GPT-4.5 Leaked

Happy Friday, tech enthusiasts!

It's December 15, and we're bringing you key updates including Chrome's tracker blocking, LinkedIn's Azure departure, and Apple's antitrust issues in the EU. Discover these stories and more inside:

  • Chrome's Tracker Block - Google's latest update reduces third-party tracking.

  • LinkedIn's Azure Exit - A surprising shift away from Microsoft's cloud services.

  • EU's Apple Challenge - Potential antitrust repercussions from the Spotify dispute.

  • Threads' Massive Growth - Half a billion new European users join the platform.

  • MrBeast's Analytics Beta - Launch of the innovative 'ViewStats' platform.

  • OpenAI's AI Strategy - Using simpler AI to manage more complex systems.

  • GPT-4.5 Leaked - Exciting features and potential cost implications revealed.

  • Proton's Mac Innovation - A new encrypted desktop app for Mac users.

  • Twitter's Link Crisis - An unprecedented site-wide link crash impacts users.

  • and more..

Read on for detailed coverage and insightful analysis on these topics and more!


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Tech Companies

Upcoming Google Chrome Shift: Third-Party Trackers Dimmed Out (4-minute read)

Starting on January 4, Google will test its new Tracking Protection on 1% of global Chrome users, which restricts access to third-party cookies. The feature aims to replace cookies with anonymized user data for advertisers, enhancing user privacy. Despite Google's new approach to ad tech, critics and regulators remain skeptical about the potentially unfair advantage it may confer on Google's own ads. The feature is expected to roll out for all users by the second half of 2024.

💡 Why this matters: Google's plan to phase out third-party cookies and introduce Tracking Protection could reshape the balance between privacy and advertising in the internet space. However, it also risks regulatory scrutiny over potential unfair advantages it may give Google's own ad business.

LinkedIn's Unexpected U-Turn from Microsoft's Azure Cloud (5-minute read)

LinkedIn has decided not to shift its data center technology to Microsoft's Azure cloud, a move that was planned under the project "Blueshift". This decision marks a substantial reversal for LinkedIn, indicating a potential setback for Microsoft's Azure, which contends in the profitable cloud infrastructure market. LinkedIn stated that it would continue to use specific Azure services, but the focus will now be on scaling and innovating its own infrastructure.

Apple Bracing for Major EU Antitrust Slap: Spotify Battle Fallout (3-minute read)

EU regulators are finalizing a decision to ban Apple's App Store policies that limit music-streaming rivals and potentially issue a substantial fine. The antitrust decision, expected in early 2024, results from a complaint by Spotify alleging Apple's rules force it to raise subscription prices. The decision could have significant impact on Apple's business model and profit margin.

Threads Expands: 500M New Users in Europe Unlocked (3-minute read)

Threads is set to expand its user base in Europe, offering services to nearly half a billion additional users.

Startup Scene

MrBeast Unleashes Revolutionary 'ViewStats' Analytics Platform in Beta - Here's What to Expect (5-minute read)

Top US YouTuber, MrBeast, co-founded the analytics platform, ViewStats, now available in beta. Similar to Socialblade, the platform uses the YouTube API to provide extensive statistics about channels. Alongside basic data like subscriber numbers and ad revenue, plans for future tools include thumbnail analytics. Co-founded with Chucky Appleby, exact monetization plans remain unclear. ViewStats is separately funded by MrBeast and Appleby, distinct from MrBeast LLC.

AI Corner

OpenAI Leverages Inferior AI to Control Super-Intelligent Counterparts (7-minute read)

OpenAI has developed techniques to guide smarter AI systems without affecting their cognitive abilities. The Superalignment research group aims to control future superintelligent AIs, dedicating a fifth of OpenAI's computational power. Their recent research involving model GPT-4 has achieved promising results, with the implementation of larger models, and an algorithm that enables the stronger model to take guidance from the weaker one, although it still needs to be improved. The initiative is lauded by industry experts, acknowledging the urgency of governing superhuman AI.

Leaked GPT-4.5 Update: Potential Advancements and Higher Costs? (8-minute read)

A potential leak reveals the anticipated update to OpenAI's language model, GPT-4.5, might include an array of multimodal capabilities across vision, video, audio, language and 3D along with complex reasoning ability. Pricing details were also mentioned, showing a noticeable rise from the current version, GPT-4. However, the reliability of this information is yet to be confirmed.

Markets & Money

Fed's Rate Cuts Trigger Dow's Historic Ascent, Good News for Tech Investors (7-minute read)

Following the Federal Reserve's dovish meeting, all major indexes saw a boost and the 10-year Treasury note fell to a four-month low. This has led to increased optimism in the tech industry, with futures trading indicating an 80% chance that interest rates will drop below 4% by next year, from the current 5.25% - 5.5%. The 10-year yield's drop favored interest rate-sensitive sectors and speculation exists that lower interest rates could enhance bank profit margins. Significant growth of 0.3% in November's Retail Sales data predicts continued strong consumer behavior as the Fed manages inflation.

Adobe Shares Plunge 6% Amid Subpar 2024 Forecast (5-minute read)

Adobe shares fell over 6% after issuing a lower than expected 2024 forecast. Even though Q4 earnings and revenue surpassed expectations, and net income grew 26%, the software giant's outlook disappointed investors. Adobe continues to scrutinize spending while focusing on closing the contentious $20 billion Figma acquisition amid regulatory scrutiny. Additionally, it is engaging with the FTC on an inquiry over subscription and cancellation practices, which could impact financial performance.

Apps & Gadgets

Proton Mail's $40 Visionary Subscription Unveils Encrypted Desktop App For Macs (6-minute read)

Proton Mail, known for their end-to-end encrypted communication, has launched a beta desktop application for Mac which is available to Proton Visionary tier subscribers for a fee of $40/month. The company has also rolled out new features such as auto-forwarding rules and email snoozing for all users. The application will become accessible to all subscribers by early next year.

Tech Nightmare: X/Twitter Experiences Unprecedented Site-wide Link Crash (3-minute read)

X experienced a widespread glitch on December 13th. As from around 2 p.m. ET, any clicked link directed users to a creative error page. The issue remained unsolved after half an hour. It affected users on different devices alike.

Quick Links

Wikimedia Exec Salaries Ignite Debate: Tech Sector Wages Under Microscope (6-minute read)

An online debate examining Wikimedia executives' salaries highlights the wage discrepancy with other tech leader earnings, such as Google's CEO Sundar Pichai's $225 million in 2022.


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