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  • 📈 ChatGPT Plus Reopens Registrations, Promising Cutting-edge Custom GPTs

📈 ChatGPT Plus Reopens Registrations, Promising Cutting-edge Custom GPTs

+ Musk's Revenue Plunge | Snapchat's AI Upgrade | Food Tech Funding Slump

Greetings Tech Aficionados,

Today, December 13, 2023, we bring you a snapshot of the tech world's most significant developments:

  • Streaming Powerhouse - Disney+ and Hulu merge, potentially reshaping the streaming landscape.

  • Musk's Downturn - A $2.5B drop in advertising revenue marks a significant turn for Musk's enterprise.

  • E3's End - The iconic gaming expo, E3, concludes, marking an evolution in the gaming industry.

  • OpenAI's Paradox - Investigating the contrast between OpenAI's high valuation and modest revenue.

  • ChatGPT Expands - Registrations reopen for ChatGPT Plus, offering advanced custom GPT options.

  • Meta's Wearable Tech - Meta unveils AI-powered Ray-Bans, pioneering in the wearable AI field.

  • Snapchat Innovates - Introducing new AI features for 7 million users, enhancing image creation capabilities.

  • Food Tech Slump - The sector faces its 8th consecutive funding decline amidst challenging market conditions.

  • Apple TV Revamp - A revolutionary redesign that elevates the Apple TV app experience.

  • Apple's 2023 Picks - Revealing the most downloaded apps of the year and what they say about user preferences.

  • visionOS Preview - A sneak peek into Apple's visionOS Beta 7, setting the stage for the 2024 spatial computer.

  • and more…

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Tech Companies

Disney+ and Hulu Combine: Potentially Dominating Streaming Landscape with Unique Content (10-minute read)

Disney and Hulu, under Walt Disney Co.'s ownership, are about to possess the most popular content in the US, according to Ampere Analytics. After combining, Disney+/Hulu will rank second in catalog size, falling behind Amazon Prime Video, surpassing Netflix with more than 9,000 distinct movie and TV seasons. With one-third of the top 100 US titles under their belt and the largest overall share of top-rated titles, the combined entity will provide broad appeal, potentially converting Hulu subscribers to Disney+. Disney CEO Bob Iger plans to implement a one-app experience by March 2024.

Musk's $2.5B Advertising Revenue Plunge: The Unexpected Fall of a Social Giant (7-minute read)

Elon Musk's X is expected to generate around $2.5 billion in ad revenue this year, marking a significant downturn from previous years. Ad sales, which comprise 70-75% of X's total revenue, have been declining since Musk's takeover due to controversial posts and concerns about content moderation. X was initially aiming for $3 billion in revenue this year but will fall short. Musk has acknowledged the slump and expressed concern about the company's viability. Despite this, X is trying to shift its focus from major brand advertisers to smaller businesses.

E3, Gaming's Biggest Expo, Closes Amidst Industry Evolution (4-minute read)

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), once the biggest convention in the gaming industry, is officially ending after more than two decades. A remix of new competitors, partner withdrawals, changing audience habits, and pandemic disruptions led to the collapse of E3. Moving forward, the industry is expected to tap into opportunities like online video news conferences for the direct feed of information to audiences, eliminating costs associated with trade show booths, travel, and presentation deadlines.

OpenAI's Billion-Dollar Valuation vs $45K Revenue: What's the Real Story? (7-minute read)

Despite its $86 billion valuation, OpenAI's nonprofit arm reported just $44,485 in revenue in 2022. The unclear financials of the AI startup, mainly funded by its for-profit side that developed the popular ChatGPT, have raised queries about its continued operation as a nonprofit. The company's leadership has also recently faced upheaval with the brief removal and subsequent reinstatement of CEO Sam Altman.

Startup Scene

Food Tech Sector Faces 8th Consecutive Funding Slump Amidst Tightening IPO Windows (3-minute read)

Venture capital investment in the food tech sector continues its downward trend for the eighth consecutive quarter, with Q3 2023 witnessing 205 deals worth $2 billion - a 13.9% decline from Q2 and over 71% year-on-year. Despite general market evolution, the lack of tech startup exits remains a challenge.

AI Corner

ChatGPT Plus Reopens Registrations, Promising Cutting-edge Custom GPTs (7-minute read)

ChatGPT Plus subscriptions are again available with registrations open, after selling out in mid-November following the OpenAI DevDay event. Users can get access to two of OpenAI's latest models, GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, for $20 per month. Also, the subscription gives access to creating and using custom Generalized Pretraining Transformers (GPTs) and plans to unveil a store for custom GPTs early next year.

💡 Why this matters: The surge in demand for ChatGPT Plus subscriptions hints at the growing interest in custom GPTs. OpenAI's move to limit custom GPT creation to the Plus subscription could stimulate further market shifts, potentially leading to a fast-selling, customizable AI marketplace.

Unveiling Meta's AI-powered Ray-Bans: Tech Pioneer in Wearable AI (12-minute read)

Meta has introduced AI capabilities to its second-generation Ray-Ban glasses that can comprehend and interpret images using generative AI. The AI-powered glasses were expected for launch in 2024 but have been released earlier than anticipated, still in their beta stage. While new features keep getting added, one of the most remarkable of these is the glasses' capacity to analyze what the wearer views by taking a photo and triggering the AI for interpretation.

Snapchat Unveils New AI Features for 7 Million Users, Boosting Image Creation (5-minute read)

Snapchat+ has unveiled new AI features enabling subscribers to create and send AI-generated images, expand images with an AI tool, and use the Dream selfie feature with friends.

Markets & Money

S&P 500 Soars Amid Mixed Inflation Reports, Eyes on Fed Decision (8-minute read)

The S&P 500 index and other U.S benchmark equities attained their highest levels since early 2022 as investors disregarded above-expected inflation reports. The Labor Department revealed that the total Consumer Price Index rose 0.1% contrary to it holding steady. However, Jerome Powell's future commentary, post the Federal Open Market Committee meeting conclusion, could illuminate the course of rates in 2024.

Apps & Gadgets

Revolutionary Redesign of Apple TV App Elevates User Experience (3-minute read)

Apple has unveiled a redesigned Apple TV app, aimed at simplifying the user experience across devices. The improved interface features a new sidebar for easier navigation, allowing quick access to Apple TV+, MLS Season Pass, Store, and already installed apps like Disney+. The design also introduces 'Home', a unified platform for personalized content recommendations.

Apple Reveals Top Downloaded Apps of 2023: Intriguing Insights (8-minute read)

Apple has released a comprehensive overview of the most downloaded apps and games from its App Store for 2023. Notably, Threads, an Instagram app and Twitter rival, ranked fourth in free iPhone apps, a significant accomplishment given its release just five months prior. The App Store reportedly attracts over 650 million visitors weekly.

Apple Unveils visionOS Beta 7 Ahead of 2024 Spatial Computer Release (8-minute read)

Apple releases visionOS beta 7 ahead of its spatial computer, Apple Vision Pro, set for a 2024 launch. The new OS introduces automatic display adjustments, forced app closures, and a new App Store.

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