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  • 🚫 Google's Ad Blocker Restrictions Starting June 2024: What to Expect

🚫 Google's Ad Blocker Restrictions Starting June 2024: What to Expect

+ Altman Rejoins OpenAI | Apple Delays VR Launch | Nvidia's Revenue Surge

Hello, and happy Thanksgiving!

Yesterday was quite hectic, and I did not manage to send the update, so today is slightly longer.

Tomorrow, there will be no update due to the holidays, but we will be back on Monday! Now let’s dive into today’s main headlines:

  • Google's Ad Shift - New ad blocker rules coming in 2024.

  • Sony's Legal Tussle - Ongoing $7.9B PlayStation store lawsuit.

  • Epic vs. Google - Accusations of monopolistic practices.

  • AI21's Big Raise - Securing $53M amidst AI market flux.

  • Meta's OpenAI Edge - Gaining from OpenAI's internal chaos.

  • Altman's OpenAI Return - A comeback as the CEO.

  • ChatGPT's New Feature - Introducing free voice interaction.

  • Spending Slowdown - Indications of a US consumer spending decline.

  • Nvidia's Revenue Jump - A significant 206% increase in Q3.

  • Firefox's Add-on Blitz - Challenging Chrome with new features.

  • Apple's VR Delay - Postponing launch to 2024 due to logistics.

  • and more..

Enjoy, and see you on Monday!

Tech Companies

Google is restarting its plan to limit ad-blockers on Chrome through its Manifest V3 update, starting June 2024. The move, seen as damaging to popular extensions, aims to improve browser performance despite widespread criticism.

💡 Why this matters: Google's plan to limit ad blockers from June 2024 may disrupt browsing quality, tilt privacy concerns, and shift users to non-limited browsers. This move puts Google in a difficult position, inviting public scrutiny and potential regulatory attention over privacy issues.

A lawsuit accusing Sony's PlayStation Store of having high, anti-competitive prices and disallowing third-party sellers has been allowed to proceed by the London Tribunal. The suit, potentially costing Sony $7.9 billion, mirrors recent US cases against tech giants.

Epic Games CEO, Tim Sweeney, accused Google of using predatory practices and acting as a monopolistic bully during an ongoing antitrust trial about in-app store commissions.

Startup Scene

AI startup AI21 Labs raised a $53 million extension to its Series C funding with contributions from Intel Capital and Comcast Ventures. The new funding aims for product development and team growth.

AI Corner

⚡️ Quick: In the aftermath of a boardroom conflict, Sam Altman has reclaimed his position as CEO of OpenAI, supported by a newly-formed board and previous president Greg Brockman's return.

Sam Altman has successfully returned as the CEO of OpenAI following a boardroom upheaval, with previous president Greg Brockman also resuming his position. A new board, including Bret Taylor, Larry Summers, and Adam D’Angelo, has been assembled to supervise the vetting of an expanded board.

💡 Why this matters: The return of Sam Altman as CEO of OpenAI has vast implications for the company's future stability and strategic direction. It could influence tech investment decisions and the broader artificial intelligence industry dynamics.

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OpenAI, owing to its inner turmoil, might enhance the efforts of companies like Meta and Microsoft who are pushing for 'open AI'. The issue highlights the risks associated with AI's central proprietary control as opposed to an open-source approach. Customers concerned about OpenAI's stability are turning to rivals, suggesting a need for diversity in proprietary AI model reliance.

💡 Why this matters: The OpenAI debacle could trigger a significant shakeup in the AI industry, promoting a shift towards open-source AI. It warns about over-reliance on proprietary models, encouraging companies to diversify. This could lead to increased collaboration, product improvements, and more opportunities for AI startups while potentially benefiting 'open AI' proponents like Meta.

Anthropic has updated its chatbot, Claude 2.1, allowing it to process up to 200,000 tokens, decrease 'hallucinations', and interact with API tools, all exclusive to Pro tier users.

Google is elevating Bard's analysis feature to provide more intensive access to YouTube video content, enabling detailed inquiries about the video, improving user interaction.

Google's release of ChatGPT rival, Google Gemini, has been postponed to 2024. The delay increases OpenAI's lead, given their continual advancements in ChatGPT.

OpenAI's ChatGPT now features free voice interaction for all users, prompting a new era in AI and tech inclusivity.

Markets & Money

Deloitte warns the US consumer spending is slowing down, potentially impacting the economy. Analysts noted a decline in consumer strength with retail sales slipping by 0.1% in October. Spending intentions among Americans have dropped, and many are seeking to cut expenses, even on essential items like groceries. Respondents to Deloitte's financial well-being index expressed increasing negative feelings about their financial health and future security.

Nvidia reported a 206% YoY Q3 revenue increase to $18.12 billion, surpassing predictions. Also, Nvidia anticipates a bullish Q4, with an expected $20 billion in revenue driven by accelerated computing and AI growth.

US stocks rose as lower oil prices and jobless claims coupled with Nvidia's strong earnings report drove market optimism ahead of Thanksgiving despite rising inflation concerns.

Apps & Gadgets

With an enhanced focus on user privacy and security, Firefox seems ready to rival Chrome as the preferred browser for tech users. Firefox will soon offer a significant selection of add-ons, including those enhancing privacy and those blocking intrusive ads, offering a cleaner online experience. Google's reluctance to bring extension support to mobile and its pervasive ad ecosystem may lead tech-savvy users to opt for Firefox, which is gearing up to roll out over 200 new add-ons in its upcoming update, Firefox 120.

Apple delays the launch of its $3,500 Vision Pro VR headset to March 2024, citing extended design testing and distribution logistics. The device will initially be available only in the U.S., direct from Apple.

Google is targeting ad-blockers on YouTube by delaying Firefox video loads. Users can overcome this by allowing YouTube ads or manipulating browser identification."

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