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  • 💼 Snapchat & Amazon Alliance Skyrockets Stocks 7%: Inside the Mega-Deal

💼 Snapchat & Amazon Alliance Skyrockets Stocks 7%: Inside the Mega-Deal

+ YouTube AI Rules | OpenAI Signup Pause | Apple's Top Apps 2023

Hello, tech aficionados!

It's November 15, 2023, and we're here with the essential tech updates you need to know, from Snapchat's big deal with Amazon to Airbnb's AI venture. Dive in!

  • YouTube AI Update - New content disclosure rules for creators.

  • TikTok-Apple Music - Innovative feature integration unveiled.

  • Snapchat-Amazon Deal - Partnership sends stocks soaring.

  • Netflix in Gaming - Expansion into cloud gaming for TV and PCs.

  • Khosla's Big Raise - Eyeing a $3 billion fund amid market slowdown.

  • ChatGPT Signups Halt - OpenAI pauses new user registrations.

  • Airbnb Acquires AI - Bold $200M investment in Gameplanner.ai.

  • Apple's Top 40 Apps - Revealing 2023's most creative and efficient tools.

  • and more…

Stay informed and ahead of the curve with these latest developments in the tech world!

Tech Companies

YouTube will soon require creators to disclose if content has been synthetically created or altered using artificial intelligence (AI). This move forms part of YouTube's efforts to support generative AI technology, while ensuring community safety. Content violators may face potential launch of new labels and penalties. The changes will also permit individuals to request removal of AI-generated or altered content.

💡 Why does this matter?

YouTube's AI-content disclosure could incite a broader shift in social media and content creation platforms, potentially leading to a new approach in AI regulation, increased transparency, and reshaped control mechanisms for synthetic or altered content.

TikTok is introducing a new tool enabling users to add discovered songs to music apps like Apple Music directly. Initially offered in the US and the UK, the 'Add Song' feature on TikTok videos allows users to save tracks to their preferred playlists. Users can set their favorite music streaming service as the default upon initial usage. Amazon Music and Spotify are among the integrated platforms, with plans to extend the feature to other markets.

Snapchat and Amazon announced a partnership allowing users to buy select Amazon products within the app, including features like real-time pricing, Prime eligibility, and delivery details. This deal spurred Snap Inc.'s stock to surge by over 7%. The move follows a similar strategy adopted by Amazon with other major social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Netflix plans to diversify its cloud gaming portfolio beyond mobile games, focusing on titles compatible with TVs and PCs. This shift comes as part of Netflix’s cloud gaming expansion, allowing the creation of platform-specific games that utilize Netflix’s recommendation algorithms. Despite the shift towards cloud-based games, Netflix continues its commitment to mobile gaming.

Amazon is developing its own operating system, 'Vega,' to replace Android on its products, starting with the Fire TV devices. This shift gives Amazon greater control over its software, potentially enhancing advertising revenue and facilitating customized updates.

Tesla has updated its terms ahead of Cybertruck's release, stating that buyers cannot resell their vehicle within the first year of purchase. Unauthorized resales could result in "liquidated damages" of $50k or the resale price. Exceptions may be granted for "unforeseen reasons," but Tesla also retains the first right to repurchase. Additionally, leaked specs suggest that Cybertruck's towing capacity may be lower than previously announced.

Startup Scene

Khosla Ventures, a firm that has backed tech giants like OpenAI and DoorDash, is nearing $3 billion funding across three funds despite the venture market's slowdown. The exceptional move involves raising funds for seed and larger startups, insiders revealed. The focus is expected to be on intensive research areas such as AI, humanoid robots, and nuclear fusion. This announcement comes even as rival firms scale back due to market contraction, highlighting that noteworthy prospects still exist in the venture market.

AI Corner

OpenAI has temporarily suspended new ChatGPT Plus subscriptions, facing capacity issues following a surge in usage subsequent to DevDay conference. The move aims to prioritize a high-quality user experience for existing users amid recent service outages related to high demand and DDoS attacks. Developers may experience a slow down in acquiring new GPT users as these are exclusively for Plus subscribers.

Airbnb's first acquisition since going public is AI startup Gameplanner.AI in a deal valued at around $200 million. Gameplanner.AI, co-founded by Siri founder Adam Cheyer, is predicted to accelerate Airbnb's AI initiatives. Airbnb envisions adopting generative AI as a " travel concierge" to enhance the user travel experience, marking a potential strategic shift that may draw Wall Street's attention.

Markets & Money

Stocks rose significantly on Tuesday following a slowdown in the Consumer Price Index (CPI), which raised optimism that the Federal Reserve could end its rate-raising campaign. Major indices, including the S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average, and the Nasdaq Composite, all reported notable gains. Traders now anticipate a Federal Reserve rate cut by mid-2024 due to lowered inflation fears.

ByteDance, the owner of TikTok, reported a substantial 40% increase in revenue to $29B in Q2. This surge, largely driven by advertising and e-commerce sales, is significantly outpacing Meta Platforms' 11% revenue rise. With nearly 20% of ByteDance's total revenue coming from markets outside China, the company is closing the revenue gap with Meta.

Apps & Gadgets

Apple has announced the finalists for the 2023 App Store Awards, recognizing nearly 40 apps across 10 categories for their inventiveness and technical excellence. Hailed for enabling users to explore interests, the selection spans from drawing, design, video editing, to education, and more. Finalists include Duolingo, AllTrails, iPhone games Afterplace, Vampire Survivors, iPad app of the year finalists Concepts, DaVinci Resolve among others.

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