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  • Breaking: Google Unveils Game-Changing AI Model, Gemini, Promising Innovation Beyond Conception

Breaking: Google Unveils Game-Changing AI Model, Gemini, Promising Innovation Beyond Conception

+ Disney-Hulu Bundle | OpenAI's New Strategy | Apple's AI Entry

Hello Tech Enthusiasts,

Welcome to your daily technology newsletter this December 7, 2023. Here are the top headlines:

  • Bundle Strategy - Disney and Hulu enhance their combined service.

  • Meta's Legal Battle - Spanish newspapers file a $600M lawsuit.

  • OpenAI Shifts Gears - CEO Altman revamps the company's profit approach.

  • Apple Evades EU - iMessage skillfully navigates through antitrust rules.

  • Google's AI Leap - Introduction of the groundbreaking AI model, Gemini.

  • AMD vs Nvidia - AMD debuts a revolutionary GPU and Data Center APU.

  • Apple's AI Foray - Apple debuts in AI with a novel model framework.

  • Gemini vs GPT-4 - Google's Gemini AI outshines GPT-4 in tests.

  • iOS 17.2 Revealed - Anticipate exciting new features.

  • and more…

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Tech Companies

Disney is beta testing its combined Disney Plus and Hulu interface, known as Hulu on Disney Plus. The hub allows subscribers of both services to access content from each platform on the Disney Plus app. The new setup doesn't yet include a quick-access sidebar or "continue watching" queue. The standalone Hulu and Disney Plus apps will still be maintained separately. The initiative aims to convince Disney Plus and Hulu standalone subscribers to switch to the bundle, making the service more affordable and accessible.

Meta, parent company of Facebook, has been sued by a Spanish association representing 80 newspapers, accusing the company of repeatedly violating EU data protection rules in online advertising. The group demands €550 million ($600 million) for Meta's ""systematic and non-compliance"" from May 2018 to July 2023. The alleged violations supposedly let Meta unlawfully gain a competitive edge, indirectly undermining Spanish media.

OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, is examining its hybrid profit-and-nonprofit corporate structure. CEO Sam Altman disclosed this during an AI event in Vietnam, shortly after his unexpected dismissal and reappointment. However, he declined to comment on a rumored secret AI project potentially linked to his initial removal.

Apple's iMessage service is expected to avoid new European Union antitrust regulations aimed at Big Tech, since EU watchdogs have tentatively concluded that it is not widely used among business users to fall under the new rules. Enforcement of the rules could have required Apple to make iMessage compatible with competitor services like Meta's WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

Startup Scene

Softbank-backed Klook Travel Technology raised $210 million in a funding round, aiming to expand amidst the travel industry's pandemic recovery. The Hong Kong startup's total funding now exceeds $900 million.

Generative AI art platform Leonardo.Ai has received $31M funding to expand its sales, marketing, and engineering teams and scale its enterprise product. The Sydney-based startup has over seven million users.

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AI Corner

Google has introduced Gemini, a sophisticated AI model optimized for various tasks in different sizes. The system can understand, operate, and combine data types such as text, code, audio, image, and video. The first version, Gemini 1.0, features three models: Ultra, Pro, and Nano. Its abilities extend beyond text processing to include audio, video, and even interpreting code in popular programming languages, making it particularly useful for developers. Developers and enterprise customers can access Gemini Pro from December 13 via Google AI Studio or Google Cloud Vertex AI.

💡 Why this matters: Google's introduction of Gemini, a highly advanced AI model, promises a seismic shift in numerous sectors from science to finance through its ability to understand and process multiple forms of information seamlessly. This development could prompt rapid advancements in industries relying on efficiency and precision, potentially driving a new wave of economic growth, innovation, and productivity.

AMD has launched Instinct MI300X AI accelerator and MI300A, the first data center APU, aiming to tap into the burgeoning generative AI and HPC market. The launch includes unique techniques like '3.5D' packaging. The MI300X GPU provides 1.6 times better performance and double the HBM3 memory capacity compared to Nvidia’s GPUs, while MI300A CPU-GPU blend claims up to 4X performance edge over Nvidia's H100 GPUs. Prices are undisclosed and the products are currently being shipped to OEM partners.

Apple has released frameworks and model libraries designed to enhance Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications on its devices. Called MLX, the new machine learning framework from Apple's research team supports efficient model building on its silicon. The company also introduced MLX Data, a deep learning model library. These advancements target generative AI applications, indicating a pivot from dominant player Apple's traditionally conservative stance on AI.

Unlike traditionally pieced multimodal AIs, Gemini is trained to be multimodal from the start, possessing the ability to process several inputs. It comes in three versions: Ultra, Nano, and Pro. Gemini Ultra, the most powerful variant, surpassed human experts on the MMLU knowledge benchmark and is expected to be widely available in 2024.

Markets & Money

Major indexes are showcasing a sideways pattern as investors await the forthcoming Nonfarm Payrolls Report on Friday, indicating further signs of a labor slowdown. The current market sentiment reflects extensive anticipation for these crucial labor metrics.

Apps & Gadgets

Apple prepares to launch its iOS 17.2 RC, offering new features, bug fixes and various application updates to developers and public beta users. Key highlights include the introduction of a new Journal app aimed at mental wellbeing, upgrades to camera capabilities for iPhone 15 Pro models, increases in message functionality, and extensive weather information enhancements. The release also fixes previously identified bugs and improves user security.


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