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  • 🧠 Google Researcher Breaks AI Memory Bottleneck, Ups Data Intake by Millions

🧠 Google Researcher Breaks AI Memory Bottleneck, Ups Data Intake by Millions

Today: LinkedIn's 700 Cut | Google Docs Secrets | AI Crash Warning

Rise and shine, tech world! 

This October 17th, we’re serving up fresh insights from the technology arena. Here's a quick teaser of the stories that are shaping our digital landscape today:

  • Netflix's Game Venture - Tapping into top-rated shows.

  • LinkedIn's 700 Cut - Microsoft's bold downsizing move.

  • AI Crash Alert - Wall Street sounds the alarm.

  • Google's AI Feat - Shattering memory bottlenecks.

  • HoloAssist's Leap - Harnessing egocentric videos for AI.

  • Tesla's Delivery Woe - Bracing for a challenging Q3.

  • Google Docs Gems - Boost your document efficiency.

  • iPhone's Siri Swap - Embracing ChatGPT on the iPhone 15 Pro.

Dive in to stay ahead of the curve and unearth the details behind these headlines. Read on and enjoy!

Tech Companies

Netflix is intensifying its venture into the video game industry, planning to develop games inspired by its popular shows like 'Squid Game,' 'Wednesday,' and 'Black Mirror'. This initiative mirrors Netflix's Hollywood strategy in adapting its successful programs into games.

💡 Why does this matter?

Netflix's intensified focus on gaming could revolutionize the entertainment industry, potentially paving a new revenue path for tech companies. This might affect content creators, game developers, and tech investors eyeing the evolving streaming gaming ecosystem.

Microsoft's LinkedIn has laid off approximately 700 employees, citing a need for heightened agility and efficiency. The reductions largely came from the engineering sector but also impacted the company's finance and HR groups. These layoffs come amidst a period of slowed revenue growth for LinkedIn, having a mere 5% increase in Q2. The company is concurrently increasing its hiring efforts in India.

Goldman Sachs is eager to exit consumer lending, a sentiment echoed by its employees. This sentiment emerged after the bank and Apple launched a joint savings account, which some Goldman partners deemed as a mistake.

Startup Scene

In midst of the AI coding surge, Stack Overflow has let go more than 100 employees, evolving its staffing strategy amidst the technology sector's ongoing changes.

AI Corner

The SEC chair, Gary Gensler, warns that widespread adoption of AI could potentially trigger a financial crisis within a decade due to reliance on models developed by tech companies. Advocating for AI regulation to address this potential risk, Gensler highlights the need for oversight of AI models and their application in Wall Street banking. Meanwhile, major banks continue to experiment with AI, such as Morgan Stanley's recent launch of a chatbot advisor based on OpenAI's GPT4 model.

💡 Why does this matter?

The Chair of the SEC, Gary Gensler, has predicted that implementing AI in Wall Street institutions could lead to a financial crash by the early 2030s. This news matters for tech industry insiders as it presents a dual opportunity: to develop robust AI models that have adequate safeguards and help implement necessary regulatory standards. The increasing interest by Wall Street towards adopting AI means there's both necessity and potential for well-regulated, resilient AI designs.

Google researchers propose 'Ring Attention', a novel methodology aiming to dramatically inc data handling capabilities. Currently, AI’. Currently, AI systems have an upper limit to the amount of data they can process due to GPU memory constraints. With the new approach, millions of words or even entire codebases could be analyzed by AI systems. This work can transform the use and interaction with AI models in the tech industry if successfully executed.

💡 Why does this matter?

The development of the "Ring Attention" technique by a Google researcher and colleagues promises to significantly increase the data processing capabilities of AI models, potentially into millions of words. This breakthrough is poised to disrupt the way we interact with AI, presenting huge opportunities for tech companies to build more powerful tools and applications. Notably, it positions businesses with abundant GPU resources to push the boundaries of what their AI technology can achieve.

Microsoft unveils HoloAssist, an innovative dataset for creating interactive AI assistants. Its 160+ hours of egocentric videos could transform AI's real-world task-assisting abilities, overcoming current limitations.

💡 Why does this matter?

Microsoft's latest dataset, HoloAssist, could revolutionize the practical application of AI assistants in real-world tasks by providing them with a first-hand physical experience. This breakthrough stands to impact tech innovators and researchers in the AI field, serving as a building block for more effective, interactive AI systems, potentially opening up vast market opportunities in the tech industry.

Markets & Money

Tesla is set to report Q3 2023 financial results. The auto giant confirmed that it delivered over 435,000 electric vehicles this quarter without breaking its delivery record. Tesla produced a slightly less number at over 430,000 units, citing planned factory shutdowns for upgrades. Wall Street expects Tesla's Q3 2023 revenue at $24.256 billion while the crowdsourcing platform, Estimize, forecasts it at $24.420 billion. Despite a possible drop from nearly $25 billion last quarter, it's still a notable YoY increase from $21.5 billion in the same quarter last year.

Apps & Gadgets

Google Docs possesses numerous underutilized features that can enhance efficiency. Users can:

  • Create blank documents instantly by typing 'doc.new' in the search bar

  • Use the inbuilt tool finder for faster navigation

  • Enjoy distraction-free writing with the double full-screen option. Other features include

  • Pageless format for digital-centric documents.

  • Automatic dictionary and translations.

  • Text expansions for frequently rewritten phrases.

Additionally, Google Docs offers markdown options for faster text formatting and the ability to translate, access Google Photos, and perform internet searches directly from within documents.

Contrary to expectations of a new iPad launch, latest reports suggest that Apple might instead introduce an updated Apple Pencil 3, with improved and interchangeable magnetic tips tailored to user needs. Despite rumors of iPad upgrades with more efficient chips, insiders believe these may not be imminent.

iPhone 15 Pro users can replace Siri with OpenAI's ChatGPT for voice interactions via a novel Action button shortcut, albeit requiring a paid Plus subscription. However, Siri remains necessary for adjusting iPhone settings and sending messages.

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