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  • 🚀 Elon Musk Titans Up Battle With Bezos: Unfolds New $1B Supercomputer

🚀 Elon Musk Titans Up Battle With Bezos: Unfolds New $1B Supercomputer

Today: Google's $47B Bet | Bard Enhances Assistant | AMD Acquires Nod.ai

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Salutations, Tech Trailblazers! As the calendar marks October 10, 2023, the technology sphere brings fresh insights and game-changers. Get ready for today's tech roundup:

  • Apple's Plunge - Shipments decrease by 23%.

  • Google's Huge Bet - $47B APAC investment for AI-boosted search.

  • Musk vs. Bezos - Unveiling a $1B Supercomputer.

  • Utah's TikTok Standoff - Mental health concerns raised.

  • Copilot's Cost Controversy - Microsoft's AI under the microscope.

  • Bard in Assistant - Google's enhanced AI capabilities.

  • AMD's Acquisition - Nod.ai taken over; targeting Nvidia's throne.

  • Twitter's Absence - CEO skips major tech event amid issues.

  • and more…

Dive in and feed your tech curiosity!


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Tech Companies

The declining market for PC shipments is showing signs of slowing, with a decrease of 7-9% in Q3 2023, though Apple faced the largest downturn with a drop between 23-29%. Industry analysts suggest the market could recover with the end of Windows 10 support and the anticipated rise of AI-capable PCs. HP was the only company to experience growth with an increase of 6.4-6.5%.

💡 Why does this matter?

This sharp decline in Apple's PC shipments is worrisome for tech industry insiders and Apple's investors. As the holiday season approaches, all eyes are on whether the PC market landscape will improve, providing a potential opportunity for manufacturers.

K.L - Business Edge

Google is intensifying its expansion into the Asia-Pacific region focusing on generative AI technology, initially in Japan and India. The company, noting a $47 billion sales figure for APAC in fiscal year 2022, looks to diversify its revenue streams. Despite its absence from China's consumer market, connections with the developer community and hardware partnerships remain strong.

💡 Why does this matter?

Google's decision to expand its generative AI technology in the APAC region is a strategic shift poised to influence tech entrepreneurs, workers, and investors across the globe. The advent of the Search Generative Experience, targeting markets like Japan and India, might affect start-ups and SMBs by offering enhanced AI capabilities. The move could also create investment opportunities in digital expansion and diversification efforts in cloud computing, hardware sales, and online advertising.

K.L - Business Edge

Tesla is purportedly building a facility at its Austin, Texas headquarters to boost its supercomputer efforts via Dojo, a move that could expand the company's operations into cloud computing. The potential for Dojo, which CEO Elon Musk suggested could be a sellable service akin to Amazon's web services, has led Morgan Stanley to elevate Tesla's 12-month price target by 60%. Furthermore, the creation of Dojo could enhance Tesla's software and services sales, driving significant value growth.

💡 Why does this matter?

Elon Musk's Tesla is reported to be developing a supercomputer, Dojo, at its Texas base, intensifying its AI operations and potentially pivoting into cloud computing. This anticipatory maneuver could present new competition for Amazon's reigning cloud service, AWS. Undeniably, Tesla's venture could resonate with tech investors, potentially revolutionizing how tech firms leverage AI and cloud computing.

K.L - Business Edge

TikTok has launched a new Direct Post API, allowing users to post content directly from approved third-party applications. Its early partners include Adobe, Twitch, and Blackmagic Design, with capabilities to make drafts, set audience settings, schedule posts, and more. Notably, only video content is supported initially, with photo content planned for a future update.

Utah is suing TikTok for allegedly harming children's mental health, deceiving users about the app's safety for children, and concealing ByteDance's control over TikTok operations.

AI Corner

Microsoft, along with other tech corporations, is reportedly looking into increased prices and restricted access levels for AI-backed software and services to manage lost profits from AI investment. The company lost over $20 per month, per Copilot AI user, on a $10 per month subscription plan. The report suggests that profits could be dwindled by pricing tiers, adopting cheaper AI tools, or by focusing on hardware efficiencies. Industry experts envisage a possible "cold shower" for AI investment by 2024.

Adobe introduced three generative AI models at the Adobe Max event, enhancing Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe Express. The models improve image quality, reproduce styles, and generate templates, amid concerns over copyright issues.

Microsoft has launched AI and data tools in its Fabric and Azure platforms to streamline healthcare data processing and improve patient care. Early testers include Northwestern Medicine and SingHealth.

On its 10th anniversary, Canva launched Magic Studio, an AI design suite, and Canva Shield for user protection. It also allocates $200m over three years to pay designers contributing to Canvas AI training.

Google's AI chatbot Bard is being integrated into Google Assistant, promising enhanced interaction and functionality. Present in beta, Bard will offer features like image uploading and integration with Google products.

Markets & Money

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) announced plans to purchase AI startup Nod.ai to strengthen its software capacity and compete with rival Nvidia. Nod.ai's technology will allow AMD to deploy AI models optimized for its chips facilitating its presence with large data center operators. Terms were undisclosed, but Nod.ai raised around $36.5 million so far.

💡 Why does this matter?

AMD's acquisition of Nod.ai will accelerate its competitive edge against rival Nvidia in the AI chip market. This move could provide tech investors new opportunities and positively impact tech companies relying on AMD's advanced AI chips.

K.L - Business Edge

Quick Links

Sony has revealed slimmer models of the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition, featuring the same internal power, a 1TB SSD, and an altered design. The redesigned versions also increase the base price for the Digital Edition to $449.99.

Linda Yaccarino, CEO of X/Twitter, has canceled her WSJ Tech Live conference appearance due to a global crisis. Amidst the chaos, Yaccarino has reported high-single-digit revenue growth and possible ad-based subscription tiers.

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