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  • ChatGPT Regains Web Browsing Capability: OpenAI's Big Announcement

ChatGPT Regains Web Browsing Capability: OpenAI's Big Announcement

Today: ChatGPT browses web | Meta's ChatGPT rival | WhatsApp's new UI

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Today is Thursday, September 28. The tech world isn't slowing down. There is much to catch up on, from OpenAI's ChatGPT regaining web browsing capabilities to Meta's multiple new launches. Ubisoft is setting its sights on game streaming, and Apple has decided to play nice with Google. Dive in and get started with today's top headlines.

  • OpenAI enables ChatGPT web browsing

  • Meta launches ChatGPT rival

  • Ubisoft eyes Netflix-like game streaming

  • Apple won't challenge Google Search

  • Meta's AI Studio revamps customer service

  • Meta debuts Quest 3 VR against Apple

  • WhatsApp unveils new UI


Tech Companies

Yves Guillemot, Ubisoft CEO, sees game streaming as the industry's future, paralleling Netflix's influence on TV. This expectation propelled Ubisoft into its cloud gaming deal with Microsoft.

Why does this matter?

The potential Microsoft-Ubisoft cloud gaming pact could reshape the video game industry, akin to Netflix's impact on television. This development, set to unfold over the next 5-10 years, opens doors for streaming and cloud-based gaming production, heralding major changes for tech investors, gamers, and game developers alike.

K.L - Business Edge

Apple VP Eddy Cue will reportedly reject rumors of creating a Google rival in the ongoing US vs. Google trial. He previously brokered an undisclosed deal, potentially worth $19 billion annually, for Google to continue as Apple's default search engine.

Why does this matter?

As revealed by Eddy Cue, Apple's decision not to create a rival search engine could influence the tech industry landscape. This may limit competition in the search engine market.

K.L - Business Edge

Microsoft's exec, Mikhail Parakhin, claims Apple benefits more financially from Bing's existence than Microsoft, utilizing Bing as leverage in its Google contract.

Epic requested the U.S. Supreme Court to review its antitrust case against Apple, focusing on broader issues under the Sherman Act. The acceptance of the case is still in question.

X, previously Twitter, has removed a function allowing users to flag misleading tweets. This has raised concerns from digital critics, especially given an upcoming Australian referendum.

Tech company X is soon releasing its 'shadowban' alerts, the visibility-restricting feature first mentioned by Elon Musk. The update will provide users with account-level restriction insights.

AI Corner

OpenAI has enhanced ChatGPT's capabilities to include internet browsing, providing users with updated and reliable data with direct links to sources. This browsing option comes after the prior feature was disabled due to users bypassing publisher paywalls. The reintroduction includes measures to recognize code that blocks web crawlers on certain pages. Microsoft's Bing search engine powers this function, now available to ChatGPT Plus and ChatGPT Enterprise subscribers. Recent updates include image scanning, audio conversation, and introducing a new image generation model, DALL-E 3.

Why does this matter?

OpenAI's enhancement of ChatGPT to browse the internet presents an updated and more dynamic source of information for tech entrepreneurs and investors. It could reshape the way AI collects and evaluates data, amplifying opportunities for innovation and business decision-making.

K.L - Business Edge

Meta has launched an AI assistant to rival OpenAIs ChatGPT. The assistant, named Meta AI, uses the company's large language model Llama 2 and an image generator trained on 1.1 billion photo-text pairs from social media. It's accessible to a select group of US users on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp and can perform tasks like making travel arrangements. The AI tech was announced amongst other generative tools for photo editing and is due to be released to Instagram users soon.

Why does this matter?

Meta's new AI Chatbot is a significant pivot towards competing with tech giants such as Microsoft, Alphabet, and Amazon. This could level up the AI landscape, creating potential business opportunities and reshaping ongoing tech trends, notably for those within the tech or digital communication sphere.

K.L - Business Edge

Meta has introduced AI Studio at its Connect developer conference. This platform enables businesses to construct custom AI chatbots for Meta's messaging services like Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. AI Studio focuses on enhanced customer service experiences and the ability to reflect a brand's values.

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek declared that although some AI-generated music was removed, the company wouldn't ban it entirely, citing both favorable and unfavorable uses for the technology.

Apps & Gadgets

Meta has announced its new Quest 3 VR headset featuring 'passthrough' mode and other advancements, allowing for less isolating and longer-use experiences. The hardware includes Qualcomms Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 chip, offering power efficiency and higher resolution. Meanwhile, Apple's Vision Pro headset, perceived as a looming competition, has a delayed sales debut until next year and a significantly higher starting price. Meta, previously known as Facebook, remains established in the VR market, with nearly 10 million Quest 2 units sold in the previous year.

Google Pixel is experiencing growth in the North American smartphone market, as per a Q2 report from Canalys. Pixel shipments increased to 1.2 million units, a nearly 60% rise from the previous year, increasing Google's market share to 4%. In contrast, all other top five smartphone brands reported decreased shipments. The total smartphone market in North America shrank by 12% in 2023 when compared to 2022.

From November 1, Disney+ will restrict account sharing and introduce additional fees for non-household users in Canada. The platform will also roll out a lower-cost ad-supported tier in Canada and parts of Europe.

WhatsApp's latest beta unveils a significant UI refresh, featuring colorless top bars and a new messaging feature, potentially revolutionizing its platform for individual and corporate users.

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