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Trump's Truth Social Stock Skyrockets 59% After Going Public

+ DoorDash stock idea | Adobes 20+ AI APIs | Canva Acquisition


Trump Media and Technology Group's stock shot up by 59% after going public via a SPAC merger and assumed 'DJT' as its new ticker symbol. The stock surge boosts former President Trump's net worth since he holds a 58% stake in the company, now worth over $4 billion. The company, headed by former Rep. Devin Nunes as CEO, competes against Elon Musk's social media firm X. The SPAC's year-to-date gains hit 354%, following two years of SEC and shareholder vote hurdles.

Adobe has unveiled Firefly Services, providing developers with over 20 new generative and creative APIs, tools, and services, previously available only in Adobe's Creative Cloud suite. The AI-driven offerings promise to streamline content creation within custom workflows, and even allow for the creation of brand new solutions. Also released was Custom Models, enabling businesses to personalize Firefly models to their assets.

Mozilla has cut ties with Onerep, its main data wiping service provider, due to revelations that CEO Dmitri Shelest is linked with data broker sites. Mozilla recently launched Mozilla Monitor Plus, a scan service to remove users' personal data in case of leaks. However, Shelest was found to have run people-search sites since 2010 and maintains an ownership stake in Nuwber, a similar company. Despite these issues, Mozilla reassures that Monitor Plus will remain operational.

Meta has been accused in court filings of clandestinely spying on Snapchat's data via a secret program, Project Ghostbusters. The program allegedly used Onavo, a VPN service, to obtain competitor traffic analytics from 2016, offering Meta significant advantage in ad selling. Other companies such as YouTube and Amazon were also allegedly targeted. This strengthens prosecutor claims that Meta is monopolistic, hampering competition in the advertising industry.

Harvard Business Review discovered that passion and vision are more essential for startup success than experience. Leaders from UiPath, Okta, PagerDuty, and Rocket Lab highlighted the importance of resilience, conviction, creativity, and learning from failures to their success. Stanford Professor Dr. Tina Seelig encourages creating a "failure resume" to review past mistakes for better future decision-making.

In a major move to compete with Adobe, Australian design company Canva has procured Serif's Affinity suite of creative apps in a deal worth several hundred million dollars. Canva, valued at $26 billion, plans to target professional designers and creatives using Affinity's affordable and lauded software, enhancing its own AI-powered design solutions.

Mistplay's 2024 Mobile Gaming Spender Report predicts 32% of gamers and 41% of high-value players will decrease their in-app purchases. It points to diversifying user acquisition, enhancing product-market fit, and nurturing long-term loyalty as keys to success in mobile gaming.

The Biden administration scrutinizes TikTok's data practices, probing concerns over user privacy and national security.

Apple confirmed the dates for its WWDC 2024 event, scheduled for June 10-14, highlighting a focus on artificial intelligence (AI). The company's CEO, Tim Cook, hinted at forthcoming AI announcements, highlighting significant time and effort invested in the technology.

WeWork co-founder, Adam Neumann, has bid over $500 million to buy back the bankrupt firm. The financing detail for this offer remains uncertain.

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DoorDash (DASH): Dominating the Online Grocery Delivery Market with Strategic Enhancements and Market Share Gains

DoorDash leads in technology-driven delivery services, bridging customers with various local businesses, including food, groceries, and convenience items. It earns through transaction fees, benefiting from economies of scale and a vast network of independent delivery contractors.

DoorDash is reinforcing its position in the online delivery market through strategic enhancements, notably in online groceries, signaling a pivot towards diversifying beyond traditional meal delivery. The acquisition of Wolt promises European market penetration, potentially mirroring its U.S. success.

The company exhibits solid financial metrics with promising year-over-year growth. Its aggressive move into grocery and convenience delivery segments, coupled with geographical expansion, positions it for sustained growth. Its efforts to outpace competitors and grab a larger market share are noteworthy.

Despite a notable run-up in value, DoorDash's strategic market positioning and forecasted revenue growth suggest a positive outlook. The stock presents a long-term growth opportunity with analysts projecting a significant upside based on forward sales multiples. Potential investors should, however, remain cautious of competition, regulatory challenges, and macroeconomic conditions that might impact consumer spending patterns.

Ticker: DASH | Timeframe: 24-48 months | Source: Seeking Alpha

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