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Tech Giants Unite to Challenge Nvidia's AI Chip Monopoly

+ 1 stock idea | FL Governor Tightens Social Media Age Verification | No sites recovered from Google's Sept. 2023 content update.


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has signed a bill, HB 3, giving parents of children under 16 more control over their social media use and requiring age verification for various websites. The law mandates parental consent for kids aged 14 and 15 to establish or maintain social media accounts and fines of up to $50,000 for platforms that fail to eliminate accounts upon request. The bill also obliges commercial apps and sites to implement age verification, however, tech industry groups are against this legislation. The law will be implemented from 1st January next year.

Major tech corporations formed the Unified Acceleration Foundation (UXL) to challenge Nvidia's dominance in the AI chip market. The consortium - including Google, Intel, Arm, Qualcomm, Samsung - aims to eliminate Nvidia's software advantages by developing open-source software that allows AI code to operate on any machine or chip. UXL plans to attain a finalized project by H2, 2023. Code of such software isn't required to use Nvidia's CUDA platform, opening up the competition in the AI chip industry.

The September 2023 Google content update severely impacted small site owners, bloggers, and SEOs, with no recovery recorded yet according to recent data analysis. The March 2024 core update, currently in rollout, has yet to enhance visibility for these sites, with many reporting lessened Google Search visibility since the start. Key points from the study illustrate a broader, more lasting effect of the Helpful Content System (HCU) than initially anticipated.

Meta is enhancing user interaction with AI via WhatsApp's search bar. Similar to OpenAI's ChatGPT, Meta AI provides query prompts and serves as a versatile assistant for a variety of tasks. A notable feature is the generation of free, high-resolution images with the "/imagine" command. The AI tool might soon allow direct question input into the search bar.

Spotify is branching into e-learning content. In partnership with the BBC and Skillshare, the company is trialling freemium learning videos on subjects like music production and Excel use in the U.K. These courses will be accessible to both basic and premium users with prices ranging from £20 to £80.

The FTX bankruptcy estate has raised $884 million via an Anthropic shares sale to institutional investors, including Abhu Dhabi's ATIC tech fund and Fidelity-linked funds. The deal boosted FTX's FTT token value by 10%.

OpenAI granted artists access to its Sora video creation platform, demonstrating its power for producing both realistic and surreal video content, enhancing the creative process.

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Snowflake (SNOW): Unveiling a Future of Growth and Innovation Post-Q4 Earnings

Snowflake is a leader in cloud-based data warehousing, offering a versatile platform for data storage, processing, and analytics. Its unique consumption-based pricing model gives it a competitive edge in scalability and efficiency.

The company reported robust FY24 Q4 earnings with revenues of $774.6M, a 32% year-over-year increase. Developments include strategic changes to sales incentives, significant traction in Snowpark, and anticipated impactful product launches in H2. These elements reinforce the bullish outlook for Snowflake.

Snowflake stands out due to its innovative technology, high switching costs, and scalable infrastructure. The recent share price correction, post-FY24 Q4 earnings, presents a buying opportunity. The company's conservative FY25 guidance, upcoming product launches, and proven adaptability suggest potential for revenue reacceleration and share price recovery. The current valuation, with a forward P/S ratio of 15.2, appears attractive relative to competitors. This mispricing, considering Snowflake's strong FCF margin and growth trajectory, presents a compelling investment opportunity. Risks include potential revenue impacts from new cost-saving products and competitive pressures. However, Snowflake's innovation and market positioning may outweigh these concerns.

Ticker: SNOW | Timeframe: 6-12 months | Source: Seeking Alpha

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