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Elon Musk's AI Chatbot Grok Soon Available to All X Premium Subscribers

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Elon Musk stated AI chatbot Grok will be available to all Premium subscribers on X platform this week. The move follows X's open-sourcing of Grok and could be aimed at competing with other chatbots or boosting subscriber figures amid reported decline in usage. The decision may help retain users from migrating to other platforms even as top US advertisers withdraw from spending on X following Musk's stringent stance. Grok, unlike other chatbots, can respond to unconventional user queries and has access to real-time X data.

China's BYD has dethroned Tesla as the world's leading electric vehicle (EV) maker, selling more battery-powered cars. Originating as a mobile phone battery maker, BYD now builds world-class lithium-iron phosphate batteries offering longevity and lower manufacturing costs. Competitive pricing is a key part of BYD's strategy, with some models undercutting rivals at under $20,000. The firm, which exported 240,000 cars to 70 countries last year, plans for aggressive global expansion, including a European factory in Hungary and potential sites in Mexico.

OpenAI’s app store draws investors and students. Investors are keen on chatbots able to predict future stock prices, while students find artificial aids useful to bypass plagiarism detections. However, these popular generative AI features risk transgressing OpenAI’s policies against financial, legal, or medical advice that a qualified professional hasn’t reviewed. CEO Sam Altman plans to charge creators for app revenue and increase the platform’s digital capacity. Despite this, statistics indicate that customised AI versions have limited popularity among users.

As of March 2024, Google's evaluation of helpful content transitioned from a single, site-wide system to include assessments on a page-level basis. The tech giant's core ranking systems now use a multitude of signals to identify valuable content, moving from a rigid structure to a comprehensive assessment that incorporates real-world signals for legitimacy. Google aims to increase the relevance of search results, relying on numerous metrics including user engagement and satisfaction, alongside indications of content validity.

Nvidia, seen as almost untouchable in the AI generative age, faces significant challenges as rivals, including Google, Intel, and Qualcomm, reportedly collaborate to develop an alternative to Nvidia's GPU-enhancing software, CUDA. The consortium, named the UXL Foundation, aims to begin " showing developers how to migrate out from an Nvidia platform," potentially enlarging Nvidia's major competitors' share in the AI chip industry. Current supply constraints have also impacted Nvidia.

Take-Two Interactive has agreed to purchase Gearbox Entertainment from Embracer Group for $460 million, payable in shares. The deal includes Gearbox Software, Montreal and Studio Quebec units, and franchises like Borderlands and Duke Nukem. Embracer retains rights to Gearbox Publishing San Francisco and other assets. Gearbox will join Take-Two's 2K division, continuing to work under CEO Randy Pitchford. The deal is expected to close by June.

Amid weaker market conditions in China, Alibaba has canceled the initial public offering (IPO) of its logistics unit Cainiao. The tech giant plans to buy the remaining 36% of Cainiao, currently valued at $10.3 billion, with an investment of up to $3.75 billion. This comes as tech stocks continue to underperform in China, with Alibaba's shares falling almost 18% in the past year.

Disney has officially launched Hulu on its Disney+ platform, following a beta testing period in 2023. This allows subscribers to both services to access content in one spot. Disney+ users not subscribed to Hulu can still search for Hulu shows. This update represents a significant technical improvement to Disney+'s streaming platform. Disney plans to start a marketing campaign for the combined app soon.

Airtable has launched an AI-powered platform, Airtable AI, which delivers AI summaries, categorization, and translation utilizing the models GPT-3.5, GPT-4, and Anthropic's Claude. This new service offers customers insights on their workspace data, auto-tagging capabilities, and the creation of emails or social posts. The feature is primarily available as a paid add-on with a free trial option.

Elon Musk announced that Tesla's Optimus robot, designed to automate repetitive tasks, could be priced at less than half the cost of a car, implying a potential price range of $20,000 to $25,000. Despite no clear production timeline, Musk is confident that Optimus sales could represent the majority of Tesla's long-term value.

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