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Daily Use of Generative AI Remains Low Despite Public Awareness: Study

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A Reuters Institute and University of Oxford study reveals few users regularly use generative AI ChatGPT despite high brand awareness, particularly in the journalism sector. It also indicates uncertainty about AI's role in different sectors. The study, surveying participants from six countries, shows daily use is rare, varying from 1% in Japan to 7% in the USA, with slightly higher use for personal rather than professional purposes.

💡 Insight: Despite high brand awareness, daily usage of ChatGPT remains limited, pointing to a gap between hype and practical adoption. Young users and private contexts dominate its use, while skepticism towards AI-driven journalism highlights a broader hesitation about AI in sensitive sectors.

OpenAI has secured a significant partnership with management consulting firm, PwC, making it the biggest customer to date. PwC will provide access to ChatGPT, OpenAI's AI tool, for 100,000 of its employees. Moreover, this deal inaugurates PwC as OpenAI's first resale partner, allowing it to sell the AI company's enterprise offerings to other businesses. OpenAI aims to convince more companies to embrace its generative AI products as a significant business process and workforce investment.

💡 Insight: OpenAI’s alignment with PwC as its first resale partner and major enterprise customer signals a…

Scale AI Inc. has released its inaugural SEAL Leaderboards, assessing the performance of AI models in common use cases to bring transparency in a field with several hundreds of large language models (LLMs). The results indicate that OpenAI's GPT family tops in three out of four domains, with Anthropic PBC’s Claude 3 Opus taking the lead in the fourth. Google’s Gemini models also exhibited strong performance. Scale AI plans to refine the leaderboard over time, adding new frontier models as they surface.

💡 Insight: Scale AI's SEAL Leaderboards provide…

The French AI startup, Mistral, valued at $6 billion and backed by Microsoft, has launched its first generative AI model for coding, Codestral. Trained on more than 80 programming languages, Codestral can complete code functions, write tests, and fill in partial code. However, Mistral's license prohibits commercial use of Codestral and its outputs. Despite some benchmarks showing superiority, Codestral requires significant computing power and could potentially amplify bugs and security issues in software projects.

💡 Insight: Mistral's release of Codestral marks a cautious…

PDD Holdings, owner of Temu and Pinduoduo, surpassed Alibaba to become China's highest valued e-commerce company. After announcing robust Q1 results, PDD's shares soared 7.5%, pushing the company's market cap to $208 billion, ahead of Alibaba's $196 billion. Experts attribute PDD's success to the growth of its Temu marketplace and the company's perceived good value-for-money. PDD's net income grew 246% compared to last year, while Alibaba's net income dropped by 86%.

💡 Insight: PDD's strategic moves, like adopting…

Google has confirmed the authenticity of 2,500 leaked internal documents detailing data the company gathers, some of which may influence its secretive search ranking algorithm. However, Google warns against drawing inaccurate conclusions from these outdated or incomplete data. The revelations are expected to impact the SEO, marketing and publishing sectors while also providing insights into the company's thinking around ranking websites.

💡 Insight: The confirmation of leaked internal Google Search documents provides an…

Software investor Hg has paid over $3 billion to acquire profitable auditing platform, AuditBoard, marking the largest purchase of a U.S. private venture-backed company in 2024. While not a highly publicized sector, venture investors' interest in financial compliance and auditing-focused start-ups like AuditBoard has spiked, coinciding with a surge in funding to accounting-focused companies.

💡 Insight: The $3B acquisition of AuditBoard by Hg highlights…

Apple and OpenAI have reportedly negotiated a deal to integrate ChatGPT into iOS 18 and other systems by 2024. This arrangement could see Siri using ChatGPT's technology to respond to user queries, moving away from the possibility of an Apple-developed Language Model.

💡 Insight: The reported Apple-OpenAI deal to integrate ChatGPT into iOS 18 and Siri suggests a…


OpenAI's board dismissed CEO Sam Altman in November 2021 due to his "outright lying" and creating a "toxic atmosphere," alleges former board member Helen Toner on The TED AI Show podcast. She detailed examples of Altman withholding information and misrepresenting company events. Despite the board's secretive planning, Altman was reinstated following backlash from employees. Toner voiced concerns about Altman's history of alleged deceptive behavior and retained belief that the CEO obstructed effective oversight.

The infamous hacker group, ShinyHunters, claims responsibility for allegedly stealing data from over 500 million Ticketmaster customers, creating a nightmare for the embattled company already facing a U.S. Department of Justice antitrust lawsuit. The stolen data being sold for $500,000 reportedly includes customer's full names, contact details, order history, and partial payment data. Although Ticketmaster has not yet responded, the Australian Home Affairs Department confirms a cyber-incident impacting Ticketmaster customers.

Fortnite and Epic Games have sent out a survey to gamers and fans asking for their preference on the game's next collaboration. The survey hints at future content and includes a selection from various TV shows, movies, artists, and celebrities such as Breaking Bad, The Boys, The Lord of the Rings, and others. Previous successful collaborations for Fortnite have included game skins for major franchises like Star Wars and music artists like Billie Eilish.

OpenAI has secured agreements with Vox Media and The Atlantic to license their content for use in training its artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, ChatGPT. By leveraging generative AI, Vox Media aims to innovate for their audiences and customers, enhancing products like The Strategist Gift Scout and Forte. Meanwhile, The Atlantic's articles will become discoverable in OpenAI's products, with its product team getting special access to drive AI-powered news experiences.

Salesforce’s Q1 CY2024 results met analysts' estimates with a 10.7% YoY revenue increase to $9.13bn; however, its Q2 guidance of $9.23bn fell short by 1.2%. Its Q1 non-GAAP profit also rose to $2.44 per share, up from $1.69 a year ago. Despite robust free cash flow of $6.08bn, its market capitalization dropped to $261.7 billion, and the stock price fell 11%. The company also lowered its full-year subscription revenue guidance.

Google is partnering with Opera to bring Gemini AI, including Imagen 2, to the Aria AI assistant. Opera and Google aim to improve AI capabilities for user-selected browser features and Gemini will be part of Opera's multi-LLM Composer AI engine. Aria is now accessible with Gemini features through Opera's developer version. The Opera-Google collaboration follows OpenAI's ChatGPT integration into Opera.

Nvidia-backed cloud service startup, CoreWeave, is planning to go public in 2025, having initiated early preparations and intending to interview investment banks later this year. After raising about $7.5 billion in debt funding, the company, which leases AI chips from 14 data centers, is now valued at about $19 billion.


SAP and Amazon Strengthen AI Ties for Better Business Efficiency - SAP is increasing its AI-focused collaborations with Amazon Web Services (AWS), supplementing its AI platform with Amazon Bedrock support while enhancing its infrastructure with AWS chips, enabling firms, especially those regulated, to further utilise generative AI.

UiPath Q1 Earnings Meet Estimates, Full-Year Revenue Guidance Falls Short: Stocks Dive - UiPath's Q1 revenue matched projections at $335.1 million, but Q2 guidance missed estimates by 11.6%, leading to a 29.9% fall in its stock. CEO Rob Enslin resigned, and Daniel Dines is to step up.

5 Key Practices to Boost Quality Leads and Conversion Rates - Chris Bibey recommends implementing effective lead routing, enhancing lead scoring models, utilizing advanced CRM technologies, deploying specific content strategies, and harmonizing sales and marketing to improve lead quality and conversion rates.

Google to Discontinue Business Profile Chat, Call History Services by July 2024 - Google plans to cease the Google Business Profile's chat and call history features on July 31, 2024, with new chat initiations halting from July 15, 2024. Users are advised to download their data before discontinuation.

Okta Surpasses Q1 Estimates, Raises Full-Year Revenue Guidance - Okta surpassed Q1 CY2024 expectations with $617 million revenue, up 19.1% YoY. The firm forecasts optimistic revenue of $632 million for next quarter, with a non-GAAP profit of $0.65 per share.

Google's $2 Billion Move: Malaysia to House First Regional Data Center - Google is set to invest $2 billion in Malaysia to construct its first data center in the region. This is part of a competitive scramble for AI dominance among tech giants in Southeast Asia.

Apple to Launch First Store in Malaysia, Promising Unique Experience - Apple is launching its first Malaysian store on 22nd June at The Exchange TRX in Kuala Lumpur, marking its sixth outlet in Southeast Asia.

Apple to Introduce Apple TV App For Android Devices - Apple is reportedly developing an Apple TV app for Android devices, breaking its iPhone-exclusive model. Yet, the timeline for launching the Android-compatible version is unknown.

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