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Apple Vision Pro Introduces Spatial Persona to Enhance User Interaction

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New York-based Tiger Global has raised $2.2 billion for its latest venture capital fund, considerably short of its initial $6 billion target. This comes amidst a broader fall in venture capital and a leadership change. The firm's slow fundraising pace reflects a turn in private markets that has reduced institutional investors' inclination towards risky venture capital investments. Tiger Global, formerly a major player in private tech startup investments, maintains an optimistic outlook, insistent on maintaining discipline in its investment approach.

Apple Vision Pro introduced Spatial Persona, enhancing its mixed reality headsets' user engagement. Enabling up to five users to collaborate within compatible apps even while in different physical locations, the update aims to curb the single-person experience inherent in the headsets. It may improve interaction in activities such as movie-watching, gaming, and work collaboration. Despite still being a work in progress, the move signals Apple's dedication to innovation and iterative improvement.

Data security software company, Rubrik, filed an initial public offering on Monday, joining a recent warm-up of the IPO market. Rubrik, which offers software to detect and analyze data security risks, reported a 5% revenue increase to $627.9 million for the fiscal year ended January. However, the firm's net loss expanded to $354.2 million from $277.7 million a year earlier. Rubrik plans to trade under the " RBRK " ticker on the New York Stock Exchange.

OpenAI has restructured its venture capital fund, removing CEO Sam Altman's ownership and control. The move followed criticism of Altman's unusual ownership of the fund, notwithstanding his claimed lack of financial interest. The fund's management has been transferred to Ian Hathaway, an existing partner since 2021. OpenAI assures that Altman's prior controversial ouster didn't involve financial or product safety missteps.

Tesla reported a Q1 2024 8.5% year-on-year decline in deliveries (386,810 vehicles), underperforming analysts' mean prediction of 443,027. This dip comes amidst challenges such as disruptions in the component supply due to militia attacks, competitive pressure in China, and factory shutdowns in Germany. Combined with mixed reviews of the new Cybertruck model in the U.S., Tesla shares dropped 29% in the first quarter.

Amazon has expanded its free credits program for startups, encompassing the costs of prominent AI models such as Anthropic, Meta, Mistral AI, and Cohere. In return, startups are encouraged to use AWS as their primary cloud provider. Anthropic will employ AWS's Trainium and Inferentia chips for model building and training.

According to a report by Newzoo, the PC and console gaming market grew by 2.6% in 2023, hitting $93.5 billion in revenue despite a decline in playtime hours. Despite this growth, average quarterly playtime has dipped by 26% since Q1 2021. Newzoo also predicts a decline in player numbers, although emerging markets are forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 4.7% and 4.8%, respectively, from 2023 to 2026.

Replit, a billion-dollar AI startup, has launched Code Repair and Teams. Code Repair is an AI agent designed to automatically correct coding errors, while Teams facilitates real-time collaboration on software projects. The initiative, similar to Google Docs for coding, aims to expedite software development and make it smoother. The AI model behind Replit's agent surpasses GPT-4 in coding benchmarks and specializes in software development.

Apple is planning to launch 4th-gen lower-cost AirPods and the AirPods Max 2 this year, according to insights from Apple analyst Jeff Pu. AirPods 2024 models may feature better fit, USB-C connectivity, and active noise cancellation for mid-tier models. Production is slated to intensify in Q4, indicating a possible holiday season launch.

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