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Amazon Partners with Australian Government to Build High-Security Data Centers

Amazon Innovation: A Protected Cloud Data System.

Amazon Enhances National Security Cyber Capabilities

Amazon.com Inc. will collaborate with the Australian government to develop a sophisticated cloud data system designed to handle top secret information. According to a report by Bloomberg, this strategic move aims to fortify Australia's cyber capabilities and bolster security cooperation with the United States.

Deputy Prime Minister Richard Marles revealed the partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) during a press conference in Canberra, stating that the government would invest over A$2 billion ($1.3 billion) into the system over the next decade. While the specific locations of the data centers and the exact nature of the information stored remain undisclosed, Marles emphasized that the initiative would significantly enhance the resilience of Australia’s defense infrastructure.

"This cutting-edge technology will enhance Defence’s resilience," Marles, who also serves as the defense minister, remarked. He added that the new system is designed to improve the Australian Defence Force’s war-fighting capabilities, enhance interoperability with key global partners, and generate up to 2,000 Australian jobs.

AWS Expands Global Influence

Under this agreement, Amazon is slated to construct three new facilities across Australia, each designed to accommodate top-secret data primarily from the nation’s defense and intelligence sectors. This project mirrors similar undertakings by AWS, such as the NZ$7.5 billion ($5.3 billion) investment in New Zealand announced in 2021 to build comparable centers. Additionally, reports in the same year indicated that the UK's intelligence services had engaged AWS for their own high-security cloud services.

Amazon's partnership signifies a notable shift in cloud infrastructure for national security. AWS now firmly establishes itself as a critical entity in global cyber defense. This commitment represents not merely an increase in security measures but also aligns with Australia's broader strategy to address increasing global geopolitical tensions and digital threats.


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